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richard_art0002Far From The Silver Lining. 2018 Sourced object, 2 part epoxy resin, auto body filler, primer, paint, mdf, metal rod, adhesive,                                              plaster, castrol engine oil. 120x55x35cm

Dweller. 2019. Foam, polyurethane foam, 2 part resin, sand, adhesive, paint, plywood, electrial lighting, sourced object, laquer.

Foreign Deaths 2019. Plaster, 2 part resin, primer, spray paint, string, brushed metal rod. Actual scale

Nowhere to RoamSad Harvest (Vista.) 2019. Sourced object, 2 part epoxy resin, autobody filler, polyurethane foam, wood, hesian, glue, un-fired                                                clay, primer, spray paint.

richard_art0839 2Scat-fat. 2019. Plaster, 2 part epoxy resin, primer, spray paint, wood, tissue paper, stain, emulsion, 2 part filler, ink, adhesive,                                                  unfired clay. 44x 21x21cm

EmptyName7 The Second To Last Sunset. 2018. Fine cast plaster, unfired clay, primer, spray paint. Real scale

IMG_0702                      The Pang. 2018. Plaster, 2 part epoxy resin, primer, spray paint, metal chain, adhesive, un-fired clay. 45x20x27cm

untitled folder 4_2588                      I Don’t Want To Know About Evil. 2017 Found object, Plaster, 2 part Epoxy Resin, Primer, Spray Paint, Unfired Clay, Metal rod.                                                42X17X25cm

selfishloyalties1                    Seflsh Loyalties. 2018 Plaster, paint, primer, mdf, adhesive, artificial tattoos.30x24x8cm

Dead End Desires                         Dead End Desires. 2018 Polyurethane 2 part resin, unfired clay, primer, spray paint, steel, rubber. 31x8x9cm

JPEG 1                       Left Hand of  The Slacker. 2018. Plaster, 2 part epoxy resin, self firing clay, threaded bar, sourced object, enamel.  32x25x21cm

untitled folder 11_1059

untitled folder 11_1060                     Nobody Left To Feel Sorry For Me. (Pearl.) 2017. Plaster, polystyrene, epoxy resin, enamel. 36x32x27cm

untitled folder 4_2562

untitled folder 4_2555                      Some Kind Of Forgotten Bliss. 2017 Plaster, pigment, mdf, primer, spray paint, 2 part epoxy resin, pearl spray paint, rubber worms.                                        31x24x8cm


shoe3                     No Neighbour To Love.2017. Carbon Fibre, 2 part epoxy resin, clothing, plaster, polysterine, metal bar, wood, adhesive, spray paint.                                       220x30x12cm.

rich1785 (2)

rich1789 (2)                    Your Own Health. 2018. MDF, primer, 2 part epoxy resin, paint, chain, sourced objects, 55x34x10cm

IMG_20170620_185154_184                     Knackered (Softly Through Snow.) 2017. Plastic, paint, light fixing, batteries. 38x4cm

20170724_190833                    Killed Outside A nightclub II. 2017. 2 part Epoxy Resin, cable, paint, LED lighting, Marble, Extension Lead, MDF. Marble 280x220x20cm

bettaylsoftheillusion                   Betrayal Of The Illusion, (Creep.) 2016. Found Shoe, paint, ceramic, plaster, polystyrene, hessian, adhesive. Cast Softball. 67mmx39x21cm

IMG_20170521_210040_030                    Friend’s From Here On After 2017. Soap, rubber, wood, paint, fixings. 29x 22x5cm

gently                    Gently. 2017. Plastic, cotton hat, spray paint, polystyrene, fixings. variable dimensions (real scale.)

DSC02374                     None Of Us Are Cute, 2017Dimensions Variable. Plaster, polystyrene, polyurethane resin, paint, fabric, milkshake cups, straws, video,                                 television. Castlefield Gallery.

img_0390                    I’ll Probably Cry, 2016. Unfired Clay, Epoxy Resin, Enamel. Oak Faced MDF plinth. 29x23x14cm

img_0635                    A Low Blow From My Lover, 2016. Unfired Clay, Plaster, Enamel. Dimensions variable/ each unit 26x15x12cm


P1020927                    Everybody Stay’s Here, Dreams Just Fade Away, 2015. Light fixtures, bulbs, enamel, satin wood, wood, fixings, cable, white tuxedo.                                      306x206x28cm

img_20160907_125658                    A Holiday In Greece, 2016. Found sandals, glitter, butter. Size 9, dimensions variable.

the-place-you-called-me-babe-detail                    The Place You Called Me Babe. 2016. Cast plaster, metal, wood, plaster, grapes. 180x145x35cm

DSC02341                     I Used To Know it Well, 2014. Heras fencing, rubber feet, fixing clips, globe, electrical components, coal. 240x240x180cm


IMG_20160823_223850                     I Feel The Feeling OF Feeling In Love.2016. Cast plaster, enamel, metal, clothing, found object. Dimensions of Artist’s Arm.

siitbustIMG_20160720_122515                    Your own Personal Boulevard (Last Sounds Of Earth,) 2016. Still image of flashing Artwork. Concrete, plaster, 2 partepoxy resin, polystyrene,                        artificial ambulance light, fixings. Scale of Artist’s Shoulders.

IMG_20160614_201026                     Play-fight 2016. Moulded Acrylic. Dimensions Variable, real scale teeth.

The Dying Of The Light. (After Dylan Thomas.) 2016. Looped sound responsive Light, flashing in every syllable.

IMG_20160504_225434                    Killed Outside A NightClub, 2016. 2 part epoxy resin, enamel spray paint, electrical lighting, glass tile. 2800X2100X90mm

Your Voice Sounds Nothing Like Sweet Summer Breeze Through Sunlit Trees. 2016. Laurel Branch, Motor. Dimensions Variable.

IMG_20160410_182723                    Spend A Day With Your Hero (Waste Some time.) 2016. Fine casting plaster. Cast western hat, cast playing cards. Full scale hat and playing                          cards, variable arrangement.


image                    When I’m Inside You, Who Do I Belong Too? (I’m A Physical colour.) 2016. Wood, satinwood paint, adhesive, fixings, felt, ceramic, enamel.                            225x172x14cm.

IMG_20140501_205044                    Follow suit. (My Fathers Heroes Are All Dead.) 2014. Metal, acrylic/perspex, inkjet print, light fixings, enamel. 134x90x30cm